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Bas Strijbosch

1910 Restaurant

The past six months were super chill, both professionally and privately!

Before I worked with Paul I had the feeling that I had to start all over again every year. My employees took so little initiative of their own. The same questions over and over again, they didn’t seem to think for themselves. I was eager to teach my team how they could solve their own issues. But how would I do that?

I have hired coaches before, but that did not lead to any structural improvement. Until I attended a presentation by Paul that immediately triggered me. He talked about happiness at work and that it can be achieved by every organization. A clear story with practical examples from different industries. I immediately thought: ‘Let’s go for it!’ I firmly believe that happy employees bring many benefits.

I signed up for an Elite Circle coaching package for myself and invested in a Shape your Paradise program for my team. Both programs were well structured and actually very logical. Paul is calm, listens well, is sharp and reliable. In the hospitality industry, my people showcase my values. I know how to train them to be excellent hosts for my guests. In Paul’s training they learned who they truly are, which has made all the difference in the world. My team members treat each other with genuine interest. Where they used to talk about each other, the team has learned to communicate effectively with each other.

What I do differently now? I give much more ownership to my staff. We have made it clear who does which tasks and structured our meetings. I used to be a kind of police officer, now I’m a coach who encourages them to be resourceful. We are all different people, with different qualities. I no longer push for results, but look at everyone’s innate qualities. I really made my employees the most important people.

I have changed, both professionally and privately with family and friends. I have more of a helicopter view. It’s amazing how much more you can achieve by changing your approach. I give people the feeling that I understand what is important to them, without directly expressing my opinion.

Did I get value? Hell yes! The past six months have been super chill. We now have a nicer team and that gives me peace of mind. I’ve never been home so much! Because we also share the financial results, everyone knows what to do and it shows. Even during the corona crisis, our team helped paint the restaurant, so we spent our time well. With such dedication, I certainly have confidence in the future.

Brigitte Thielen


It’s great to turn complexity into simplicity!

In my work there were always a thousand things going on at once. I switched subjects all day long. I wanted to get the best out of my team and get real results. I used to be very critical, especially towards myself. I tended not to make my boundaries clear. And so I ended up with a busy schedule and focusing on too many things. It was not clear to my team what we were going to do.

Working with Paul has taught me how to bring focus to my leadership. I now make choices in the priorities I define. Paul encouraged me to take a long-term vision and pursue a real transformation. He is honest, straightforward and reliable and has a wonderful sense of humor.

I have learned to become more reflective. I have also developed an eye for things that are really going well. It’s important that I leave room for activities I enjoy. To be clear about my priorities and to say no when something simply doesn’t feel right. I now pay conscious attention to my stakeholder management.

I put a lot of energy into developing the dynamics in my team. Taking time for my team members, listening and paying attention, that is so motivating! Our conversations are more honest and that’s how we find out where the real problems are. We are more creative, which leads to better results.

It’s great to turn complexity into simplicity. To make sure everyone in the organization understands where we’re going. We stay true to our vision and create impact that lasts.

It’s been very inspiring, Paul!

Rob Laarhoven

Techsharks B.V.

Now I know how to play ‘the second half!’

In the past 18 years I have experienced fantastic growth with Techsharks. I have developed from salesman to director of a large organization. I loved to satisfy customers and personally solve their problems. I wanted to win every game. But it used every ounce of my energy to keep so many balls in the air. As we continued to expand the business, it became evident that I wanted to do some things differently. I was ready for the next phase in my leadership.

I had already spoken to a number of coaches when I met Paul. During the intake interview I immediately felt a connection. Paul understood my situation, listened without judgment and shared things from his own experience that I could relate to. He placed me in an environment where I felt safe and dared to be vulnerable. I don’t let many people get that close. I allowed myself to accept that the workload, combined with my brother’s death, had thrown me off balance.

I have learned to get over my fears and act with confidence. Paul didn’t run a standard program, but zoomed in very specifically on what was going on with me. In addition to the mental clarity, there was also a lot of depth in dealing with emotions. I have sharpened more clearly what is important to me and how I want to play ‘the second half.’ I don’t need to be a Messi myself anymore, but I want to grow potential Messi’s by being a mentor. I am more focused on others and less on myself.

I have rediscovered my own priorities. I’m bursting with energy again! I am still result-oriented, but in a human and engaging way with an eye for quality. I am warmer and more understanding towards people, and my team is also much more attentive to each other. In a crisis situation I notice that I am less anxious about challenges. I am much more effective when I am calm and confident.

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