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A Lighter Version

Use this Crisis to Transform Yourself and your Business   This week, the UN’s Climate Panel issued a new report that couldn’t have been any clearer, ‘It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land.’ Even if we severely cut carbon emissions, temperatures are projected to rise 1.5 °C (3°F) by [...]


Fire on All Cylinders

Transform yourself and your team with the Paradise Shaper method The world is changing rapidly. New generations are emerging. They cannot and will not accept how organizations are led. Trusted models have expired. It’s time to redefine leadership. How do you become a wise new leader? Are You Ready for Wise New Leadership? If the [...]

Does the Caveman still control you?

Yesterday, I noticed an entertaining cartoon in the newspaper. It showed a man who was determined to score two masks. He placed them over his ears to avoid the panic stories. That made me laugh. A wonderful way of thinking. A simple solution to deal with outside problems: just plug your ears! How much easier […]

Client Success Stories

What is it like to work with the Paradise Shaper method? Find out from our Elite Circle clients!


“It’s great to turn complexity into simplicity!”

Brigitte Thielen

Bas Strijbosch-2

“The past six months were super chill, both professionally and privately!”

Bas Strijbosch
1910 Restaurant


“Now I know how to play ‘the second half!'”

Rob Laarhoven
Techsharks B.V.

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