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Shape your Paradise online

In his 25-year business career, Paul Smilde has coached thousands of people. He integrated ancient wisdom and the latest insights from modern science into a unique approach to leadership. Step by step, he discovered the essential steps to turn your business into a Paradise-an organization where performance and fun permanently reinforce each other. Paul has placed these steps in a natural order in the Paradise Shaper method. A powerful approach for leaders seeking a healthy balance between performance and fun.

Are you ready to scale yourself up?

Save yourself years of trial and error, frustration and only modest results. Paul has already done the work for you. The 'Shape your Paradise online' modules offer you a great opportunity to build a solid foundation. In three modules, he guides you through your transformation process. These modules follow exactly the structure of his book 'It's NOT about YOU' and offer a powerful opportunity to put knowledge into practice.

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Become a Paradise Shaper!

Each module is a complete 5-week program that you can, of course, follow at your own pace. You will learn all the ins and outs of the secret shared by all great wisdom traditions: our environment is 100% a mirror of our inner world. The very resistance you encounter shows you the consequences of your own beliefs, emotions and patterns. The outside world is merely a playground for what life is all about: your inner development. Leaders who understand the art of scaling themselves, their team and company from this insight are called Paradise Shapers.

The 'Shape your Paradise online' modules are an integral part of our Personal and Team Paradise Programs. Would you like to get started with this powerful material yourself? You can! Take a 'My Paradise' subscription and get direct access to the first module.

Time to scale yourself up!

What you get

  • 3 modules 'Shape your Paradise online'
  • Each module is a 5-week program
  • Weekly introductory video (from 7-10′)
  • Daily transformation podcast (from 4-7′)
  • Weekly meditation (from 12-18′)
  • Weekly quiz to test your progress
  • Weekly chapter from 'It's NOT about You'
  • You can start right away with module 1
  • Modules 2 and 3 will be released quarterly
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Shape your Paradise online

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