About me

'Meet the real Rob, the person behind the image you see, behind the voice you hear. Throughout my life I have fallen in love with the uniqueness of human beings. What moves them, how they think and behave. Their strength and their vulnerability. As a feeling person, I love getting in real contact with others, sharing important things and creating passionately together.

As a father of 4 children, I enjoy what life offers with my wife as a downright lucky person. My passion for music is expressed in my role as a performing practitioner since the late 90s as a singer within a rock band. You will notice my obsession with the game with the leather ball by engaging in conversation with me and becoming acquainted with soccer metaphors and the so-called knowledge I think I have of it. You could call me a people person pur sang.'



'In the now 27 years that I have been working professionally, I have mainly moved within the world of job placement. As a self-made leader with above-average attention and genuine interest in others and passion for what I do, I found the mix that enabled me to lift teams to great heights. For over 20 years I was commercially responsible for the company Techsharks, of which I am also one of the founders.

With an attitude that a clear vision, job satisfaction as a prerequisite and cooperation as a must, I developed as a leader. Much I have seen, felt, experienced and overcome. Much I have not seen, felt, experienced and lost. It has made me who I am today. Ready to share my experience with the world, ready to help leaders see that their business could be a Paradise.'


  • Family & Organizational Systems Vidarte Academy
  • Customer satisfaction master class Jos Burgers
  • Leadership Training Berendsen and Partners
  • Leadership Training Kenneth Smit
  • Traineeship Regional Manager Ahold
  • HEAO, Commercial Economics and Marketing

Work Experience

  • CCO & Owner Paradise Shaper International
  • CCO & Founder Techsharks
  • Trainee Regional Manager Ahold
  • Account manager Randstad Holding