About me

'Meeting the person behind the mask, that is what drives me deep inside. I am fascinated by the versatility of people and how they perform optimally. As a young leader, at age 32, I was suddenly stricken with severe pneumonia. "When will you learn to listen to your body?" asked my father, who was an internist at the time. It turned out to be the beginning of an amazing journey toward deepening and manifesting my leadership.

35. Paul About Us


'In my 25-year career, I have worked all over the world. As an entrepreneurial leader, I intuitively developed my own approach and substantiated it with scientific insights and ancient wisdom. Where colleagues led their people in a directive manner, I worked on the basis of trust - but within frameworks! It turned out to be the formula for success. I led larger and larger organizations and achieved solid results. But more importantly for me, my teams were super motivated and unmatched in creativity. What about me? I felt a relaxed intensity and enjoyed my work at the highest level.'


  • Organization Systems Vidarte Academy
  • Using your Multiple Brains mBraining
  • Octagon Executive Leadership Wharton Business School
  • Post-Graduate Controller Maastricht University
  • Master's Economics and Law Maastricht University
  • Business Administration University of Oregon / Nyenrode University

Work Experience

  • CEO & Founder Paradise Shaper International
  • Chairman Boost a School Foundation
  • SVP & Head of Commercial Supply Chain Philips Healthcare
  • CEO Southern Europe Philips Healthcare
  • CFO EMEA Region Philips Healthcare
  • Head of Company Valuation LG-Philips LCD