About me

'If I would ask those around me to describe who I am in a few words, they will say "what you see, is what you get". No nonsense, clear and sensitive. And I'm actually quite proud of that. No double agenda or complicated maneuvers. I like pure in its purest form. For me, I always want to be myself and authentic. My senses are honest advisors to me and I value that. So is "achieving" things together. By working closely together you motivate each other. Working together is not purely about exchanging information, but about working together toward one final goal. Both in my private and business life, this gives me a wonderful feeling.

Together is first and foremost; my family. Without them I am not complete. My family is everything and they are my husband Joost and our two children Hidde and Diede. We also have a Golden Retriever that we are all crazy about. We live in Vught. Nice and close to nature. You can find me there every day. Just to get everything together again, breathe in and out and feel. The thoughts can run free and it makes me calm and creative.

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'From a young age, I have been a doer. I roll up my sleeves and go. Have a lot of energy, am curious and am not afraid to go down on my face. This is how I most wanted to work from a young age. Work. I met an entrepreneur who needed someone like me. We built a whole network and platform together and that's how I learned all the facets of a business. What I learned especially there is that if you really believe in something and go for it it actually succeeds. Think in solutions and impossibilities, that's my credo.

Out of my curiosity, I wanted more. More as in: learn more "along theway," discover more and push my limits. I did an assessment and was hired at a professional congress and organization agency in Eindhoven. There I learned to work in teams and to make something out of nothing with passionate colleagues. That's how I discovered my love for connection. I did several trainings: NLP trainings, the training on effective influencing, trainings on behavior and psyche and learned the latest techniques in sales. Obviously, I couldn't get enough of this. The psyche behind behavior is what I find most fascinating. Showing sincere interest and starting a dialogue with someone is the basis of every connection is my belief. For Paradise Shaper I am working on a dream come true. I am building a community, setting up knowledge sessions, and expanding our reach with marketing. Happiness comes from your own actions!'


  • Sales training & coaching DOOR
  • Masterclass DISC profile
  • Influencing Effectively
  • NLP NLP Institute
  • NIMA-A
  • MBO-DeRooi Pannen

Work Experience

  • Community Manager Paradise Shaper
  • Senior account manager Goodhabitz
  • Business Developer Veldhoen + Company
  • Commercial manager De Jong Accountants and Tax Advisors
  • Senior Partnership Manager Euroforum