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Reflect, vitalize, aspire and influence

Effective leadership is the key factor that makes the difference between successful and struggling companies. Leaders who are able to create an environment where people naturally enjoy and perform are called Paradise Shapers. With our Paradise Shaper method, we also scale your company to a Paradise-one in which success and enjoyment permanently reinforce each other.

The Paradise Shaper House

Times are changing rapidly. Old leadership models no longer work. Young generations are fitting to work in an organization that is traditionally, top-down driven. Things really can be done differently. As a leader, it's about learning to trust your people. And also that you deeply understand how to build a strong and motivated team that can handle any challenge. In addition, you organize your business operations in a structured way. This is how we scale your business to a modern, bottom-up driven and tightly organized Paradise. To this end, we have developed the Paradise Shaper method. An innovative approach in which 25 years of leadership experience and the latest insights from organizational psychology and business administration come together.

Paradise Shaper house new
paradise shaper house

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      Our pillars

      The foundation of our method are our four pillars: Reflect, Vitalize, Ambition and Influence. Paradise Shapers understand the art of using these pillars effectively.

      Reflecting PS

      Reflect is the ability to step out of the game for a moment to look at your own behavior and thought process. What was your intention? What actions did you take? What results did you achieve? You also move inward with your team by giving each other effective feedback. It allows you to pursue a mindset of continuous improvement.

      Vitalize PS

      Vitalize is the platform on which you will build your success. This primarily relates to your physical vitality as a leader. As a business athlete, you will learn powerful techniques to increase your energy levels. The same goes for your team and company. What are the values by which you guide your organization? How do you create the framework to put your team in a healthy state?

      Ambieren PS

      Ambition is the aspiration to realize your full potential. It is both the dream and the practical translation into concrete actions. What do you really want, as a leader and as a company? What stands in the way of your team achieving that ambition? How do you effectively overcome these obstacles?

      Influence PS

      Influencing is the ability to choose the most effective way to deal with people at any given moment. This involves understanding what drives people. How do you inspire your people to take responsibility, collaborate and deliver? How do you ensure that your team keeps scaling up in an enthusiastic way?

      These pillars can be found everywhere in nature. It is most clearly seen in the four seasons. At the end of summer, trees and plants perform at their peak. Fruits and vegetables can be harvested! But then in autumn the energy turns inward. Leaves fall from the trees and animals retreat to their dens. In winter, nature seems but a dead mess. But deep inside, trees, plants and animals are re-energizing. They find new energy to step out again in spring. Exuberant blossoms are the promise of fruit. Animals are giving birth to young. Everything grows and blooms! Throughout the summer, fruits and vegetables are produced with full energy. So that at the end of the summer another harvest feast can be celebrated. This is how nature creates in complete balance.

      These natural processes also apply to us as people. And to the organizations in which we work together. At Paradise Shaper, we believe in natural leadership. By Reflecting (fall), Vitalizing (winter), Ambitioning (spring) and Influencing (summer) you will scale your company, your team and your leadership to the next level in a healthy way.

      Our scaling zones

      Scaling up your business takes guts, leadership and a proven method. At Paradise Shaper, we have developed the Company Scale-up model for this purpose. In it, we distinguish five scale-up zones: Mission & Strategy, People & Passion, Process & Structure, Perform & Deliver, and Improve & Grow. Leaders scaling their businesses want to ensure that these five scaling zones are well balanced. While each zone has its unique characteristics and success factors, they are also highly interdependent. Moreover, we have placed them in a natural order.

      Mission & Strategy refers to the definition of Paradise - the WHY. To what extent is this mission inspiring and supported by all employees? Here we also look at the translation of the mission into a clear Strategy. Is it truly focused on achieving a breakthrough?

      People & Passion focuses on the motivation of your people - the WHO. There is a simple ABC's that every leader should be aware of. From organizational psychology, this appears to be the formula for igniting the intrinsic motivation of your people:

      • Autonomy - 'I want to have a say in how I do my job'
      • Bonding - 'I want to be part of a team'
      • Competence - "I want to be good at my job and grow.

      Process & Structure is about organizing the work effectively - the HOW. We apply the Lean tool of value streammapping pragmatically: start with customer requirements and map out how to organize fulfilling them. If employees do not feel involved, resistance arises and processes are not followed. We therefore explicitly include employee participation in our approach.

      Perform & Deliver offers a powerful approach to scoring with your team - the WHAT. This involves giving employees the tools to perform themselves. First and foremost, this involves clear goals and clear, predictive KPIs by which they can measure their own performance. It also involves a culture change in which transparency and ownership are hallmarks.

      Improve & Grow is all about further scaling your employees as well as your company - the UP. Here we build a feedback culture, in which improvement is embedded in the daily operations. This way, employees learn to develop personally and spend part of their time preparing for tomorrow's accelerated growth.

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      Want to scale the entire business? Embark on the journey with your team? Or opt for a personal leadership transformation? We have the program that fits your needs perfectly.

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