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Team Paradise Program

Scale up your team to the next level.

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  • Understanding team issue
  • Team Scale-up trajectory
  • High performing team

Our pillars

Inspired teams keep scoring. They enjoy individual freedom as well as true team spirit. They build together the frameworks within which everyone takes responsibility. They constantly create new opportunities to grow. Do you want to realize a real breakthrough with your team? That is why we have developed the Paradise Shaper method. The foundation of our method are our four pillars: Reflect, Vitalize, Ambition and Influence. Paradise Shapers understand the art of using these pillars effectively. Are you ready to scale your team?

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43. Online program

Time to scale up your team!

You lead a diverse team of committed professionals. They each have their own qualities, experiences and personalities. Yet turning this group of individuals into a successful team is quite a challenge. The direction is not clear for everyone, goals are not clear, a lot of time is lost in mutual coordination, and it takes a lot of energy to satisfy customers. How do you scale up together to a high performing team? We have developed the Team Paradise Program to do just that. For 6-12 months we work with the entire team to realize your Paradise-a team in which performance and fun permanently reinforce each other.

The core of the Team Paradise Program consists of four workshop trainings of 2 days each. Each of these sessions focuses on one leadership pillar. Our sessions are interactive, allowing team members to directly practice their new insights and techniques in a safe environment. Participants are given assignments to keep working on their personal and team development between sessions. For example, we work with a buddy set-up to really keep up the reflection. In addition, team members will actively monitor almost daily the frameworks they jointly define during the second 2-day session.

At Paradise Shaper we believe in blended learning. That's why the program is reinforced with our online modules Shape Your Paradise. In these comprehensive modules, team members work individually on their personal growth as people and as leaders. Each day, participants receive a short video or podcast, with a concrete assignment to immediately put a new insight into practice. The modules follow the structure of Paul Smilde's book "It's NOT About You.

Dragon's Den Project

To immediately put all the insights into practice, we have developed a special project assignment in the style of the well-known TV program 'Dragon's Den'. At the start of the program, we divide the participants into teams. Each team is given the task of developing an investment proposal, that fits the ambition and strategy of your company. Throughout the program we guide the teams in developing this proposal. We also immediately apply our pillars to working together in these groups. The program will be festively concluded with a team presentation, in the form of a Dragon's Den pitch. It is hugely motivating when management or associates act as 'Dragons'. It is extra special when the winning proposal is actually implemented!

41. Examination Group MELT
Photo Christian van Vessem

"Especially the continuous reflection and making sure you are and stay vital as a person and leader were groundbreaking for me."

Christian van Vessem

Photo William Bremmens William
"I am more aware of the consequences of my behavior and its effect on my immediate environment."

William Bremmers
Lean HR Services

Photo Femke Verheijen
"I go home every time with a curiosity for more."

Femke Verheijen
Director of Surface Treatment

Photo Marloe Jolij

"The awareness was already there on many fronts. Rob helps me to actually do something with it."

Marloe Jolij
CCO/Owner That Work-S

Photo Patrick Roelands

"I now decide much more from my own values and desires what I want and do. I am no longer guided by an image I want to conform to."

Patrick Roelands
Team Manager Evoke

PHOTO 2023 06 19 09 59 58

"I took ownership of my own doings."

Marnix van Kruijsdijk
Business Development Manager iSprout

Nienke Jansen

"Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone deserves a different approach."

Nienke Jansen
Strong Brand Directors

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