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Personal Paradise Program

Scale your leadership to the next level.

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Our pillars

Leaders who are able to create an environment where people naturally enjoy and perform are called Paradise Shapers. Do you want to achieve a real breakthrough in your leadership? For that, we have developed the Paradise Shaper method. The foundation of our method are our four pillars: Reflect, Vitalize, Ambition and Influence. Paradise Shapers understand the art of using these pillars effectively. This is how they scale their leadership to the next level-performing at the top of your abilities and enjoying it intensely. Are you ready to scale yourself?

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Time to scale yourself up!

You've made great strides in your career, developed your business and built a team that keeps the operation running. That's fine, because routine is not primarily where your interest lies. You are dynamic and entrepreneurial. You want to sink your teeth into new challenges and solve complex issues practically. You've always worked hard and passionately grasped new opportunities. You have asked a lot of yourself. The question on your mind now is: How do I want to proceed? What is really important to me? Where do I want to focus my energy in the coming period? And what do I want to achieve? In a sports metaphor: How do I want to play in the next round?

We are going to find the answers to these questions, and many more, with you in a Personal Paradise Program. Together with a Paradise Shaper coach you will zoom in on your specific question, which we will place in a larger context. In 4 blocks of 3 sessions each you will walk through the four pillars, which we will apply to your personal situation and work environment. We do this in the form of conversations and techniques, so you get more grip on your inner world, your wishes and patterns. Between sessions you will anchor your new insights directly in your daily activities. 

At Paradise Shaper we believe in blended learning. That's why the program is reinforced with our online modules Shape Your Paradise. In these comprehensive modules, you work on your personal growth as a person and as a leader. Each day you'll get a short video or podcast, with a concrete assignment to immediately put a new insight into practice. The modules follow the structure of Paul Smilde's book 'It's NOT about You'.

Photo Christian van Vessem

"Especially the continuous reflection and making sure you are and stay vital as a person and leader were groundbreaking for me."

Christian van Vessem

Photo William Bremmens William
"I am more aware of the consequences of my behavior and its effect on my immediate environment."

William Bremmers
Lean HR Services

Photo Femke Verheijen
"I go home every time with a curiosity for more."

Femke Verheijen
Director of Surface Treatment

Photo Marloe Jolij

"The awareness was already there on many fronts. Rob helps me to actually do something with it."

Marloe Jolij
CCO/Owner That Work-S

Photo Patrick Roelands

"I now decide much more from my own values and desires what I want and do. I am no longer guided by an image I want to conform to."

Patrick Roelands
Team Manager Evoke

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"I took ownership of my own doings."

Marnix van Kruijsdijk
Business Development Manager iSprout

Nienke Jansen

"Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone deserves a different approach."

Nienke Jansen
Strong Brand Directors

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Time to scale yourself up!