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Company Paradise Program

Scale your business to the next level.

  • Scale-up Scan
  • Reporting status
  • Customized program
  • Concrete deliverables

Our scaling zones

Scaling up your business takes guts, leadership and a proven method. At Paradise Shaper, we have developed the Company Scale-up model for this purpose. In it, we distinguish five scale-up zones: Mission & Strategy, People & Passion, Process & Structure, Perform & Deliver, and Improve & Grow. Leaders scaling their businesses want to ensure that these five scaling zones are well balanced. While each zone has its unique characteristics and success factors, they are also highly interdependent. Moreover, we have placed them in a natural order.

Paradise Scale Up Model
scale up model
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Our approach

The Company Paradise Program includes 4 steps:

  1. Scale-up Scan
  2. Reporting status
  3. Customized program
  4. Concrete deliverables

To get a clear picture of your company's strengths and opportunities for improvement, we first conduct a Scale-up Scan. The objective of the Scale-up Scan is to gain insight into the current situation in each of the 5 scale-up zones. By means of a number of interviews, a visit to the shop floor, and inspection of some available documents, we clearly map out the current situation by means of a reporting status. This report is the basis for a customized program, in which we indicate which scaling zones deserve attention first. In it we define the concrete deliverables that the program will deliver. We will coordinate these together even before the start of the program. During the implementation of the program we will hold periodic tollgate meetings. In these we check whether we have realized the agreed deliverables. In this way we use a result-oriented approach and the investment is linked to actually realized progress.

4-stage Company Paradise Program
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Program management

We conduct our program management in 4 phases. These are our leadership pillars Reflect, Vitalize, Ambition and Influence. In Reflecting, we examine the problem definition and make it clear. During the Vitalize phase, we map out the solution direction by zooming out. In the Ambitize phase, we create a detailed design and a concrete implementation plan. During the Influence phase, we implement the plan, evaluate and secure the result.

Photo Christian van Vessem

"Especially the continuous reflection and making sure you are and stay vital as a person and leader were groundbreaking for me."

Christian van Vessem

Photo William Bremmens William
"I am more aware of the consequences of my behavior and its effect on my immediate environment."

William Bremmers
Lean HR Services

Photo Femke Verheijen
"I go home every time with a curiosity for more."

Femke Verheijen
Director of Surface Treatment

Photo Marloe Jolij

"The awareness was already there on many fronts. Rob helps me to actually do something with it."

Marloe Jolij
CCO/Owner That Work-S

Photo Patrick Roelands

"I now decide much more from my own values and desires what I want and do. I am no longer guided by an image I want to conform to."

Patrick Roelands
Team Manager Evoke

PHOTO 2023 06 19 09 59 58

"I took ownership of my own doings."

Marnix van Kruijsdijk
Business Development Manager iSprout

Nienke Jansen

"Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone deserves a different approach."

Nienke Jansen
Strong Brand Directors

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