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Am I allowed to be who I really want to be?

That seems quite a logical question at first glance. But if we look deeper, it is fascinating that the answer to the question is quite often in the negative. Why is it that we do all sorts of things that don't make us wag our tails, that don't make us happy? What causes us to [...]

Start the new year off right with these leadership tips

The business world is in the midst of a meteoric transformation. Old leadership models no longer work. For you as a leader, this means not just going with the flow, but being at the forefront with a new kind of leadership. You want to grow with good leadership, human leadership. Because your people are crucial to achieving your growth ambitions. Effective leadership is [...]

Inspired Business: Bas Strijbosch, Owner and Host Restaurant 1910

Dorine and Paul interview inspiring leaders in their podcast series "Inspired Business," which can be found on Spotify. When you talk about hospitality and delicious food in Eindhoven, you talk about Bas Strijbosch of 1910 Restaurant. Bas owns this stylish restaurant on the lively Wilhelminaplein. Every day it is fully booked. Guests [...]

Here's how to become a magnet for young talent

Today's world is changing faster than ever before. With these changes come new challenges, especially in the workplace. Young generations, such as millennials and Generation Z, are not thriving in the current culture at most companies. Traditional, hierarchical corporate structures and work cultures no longer meet their needs and expectations. The result? A [...]

Scaling up and inspiring: our guide to success

Do you have ambitious growth plans? Are you experiencing challenges in your business and striving for better results? More importantly, do you want to bring your team along in this exciting development? At Paradise Shaper, we understand the challenges companies face when looking to grow. We know that scaling up requires more than just business acumen. It takes guts, [...]

Ready for scale-up leadership?

Scale your business with the Paradise Shaper method. The world is evolving at a rapid pace. Successful companies know how to adapt quickly to changing times. Traditional leadership is no longer enough. It's time for companies to scale up to a new era of wise leadership. Are you ready for this [...]

It's time to scale up! Our 4 pillars for successful leadership

It's time to scale up! As an ambitious leader, you want to scale your team or business as effectively and successfully as possible. We understand your ambition and are here to help you grow - not only your company, but also your team and yourself. Because scale-up leaders dare to look in the mirror. Leadership [...]

Inspired Business: Eva van Rikxoort, CEO & Founder of Thirona

What a power lady, Eva van Rikxoort, CEO and founder of the fast-growing and innovative company Thirona. Thirona is a company that by using AI (artificial intelligence) helps the doctor in the hospital to be a doctor again. AI is not scary as many people think but rather allows patients to [...]

Why wait when you can start now?

Want to experience positive dynamics in your team within one week? Try it out for free with the Paradise Shaper method! Download the Feedback Fountain. One of our most powerful tools for leaders with guts!

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      Discover the secret of Wise New Leadership

      In our society, we are used to focusing all our attention outward. We see opportunities or threats and respond to them by taking action. When things go well and we are successful, we feel happy and want more. If something goes wrong or fails, we feel disappointed, angry or jealous. Then we start pushing even harder, or we give up.

      What we fail to understand is a secret shared by all great wisdom traditions: our environment is 100% a mirror of our inner world. The very resistance you encounter shows you the consequences of your own beliefs, emotions and patterns. The outside world is merely a playground for what life is all about: your inner development.

      I have integrated my 25 years of experience in business with profound insights from ancient wisdom traditions and modern science. I have captured the essential steps to natural flow in the ParadiseShaper method. It is a proven route to business success based on a deep understanding of our "human design.

      In my book "It's NOT about YOU: Ancient Wisdom, New Leadership," I explain the Paradise Shaper method with many examples and 18 transformational exercises. Discover the secret to Wise New Leadership!