Time to scale up!

A healthy balance between performance and fun

5. Paul reflection window

It's time for scale-up leadership

You have ambition and big plans for your business. You want to grow and grow your business. In your own unique way. With good leadership: human leadership. Because your people are crucial to realizing your growth ambitions. To achieve beautiful results together with passion. To be and remain successful. The optimal balance between performance and pleasure is what we call your Paradise.

Still, building a good foundation for your Paradise is a tall order. The ideal balance between results and enjoyment is often not yet in sight. A clear and supported vision is missing, which leads to confusion. Your people are not in their power, which leads to resistance in attitude and behavior. Processes and structures are not tightly structured, which leads to frustration. Results do not materialize, or goals are not concrete and supported, causing dissatisfaction. And because of the issues of the day, there is no eye for long-term structural improvement. Do you recognize one or more elements in your organization? How long are you willing to wait to really tackle this?

Want to create a real breakthrough in your leadership?
This is the time to scale yourself up.

Our offer

Which way of scaling up best suits your situation and ambition?

Company Paradise Program

Scale your business to the next level.

  • Scale-up Scan
  • Reporting status
  • Customized program
  • Concrete deliverables

Team Paradise Program

Scale up your team to the next level.

  • Intake with team members
  • Understanding team issue
  • Team Scale-up trajectory
  • High Performing team

Personal Paradise Program

Scale your leadership to the next level.

  • Personal intake
  • Clear coach question
  • Paradise Pillars trajectory
  • Complete transformation
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Download introduction

Ready to scale yourself up? Download for free the introduction to "It's NOT about You" by Paul Smilde. From his own experience Paul translates old wisdom into new leadership with lasting impact. Discover the foundation on which the Paradise Shaper method is built and how you can shape New Leadership.

      Client stories

      Read the experiences of leaders who worked with us on scale-up leadership.

      Photo Christian van Vessem

      "Especially the continuous reflection and making sure you are and stay vital as a person and leader were groundbreaking for me."

      Christian van Vessem

      Photo William Bremmens William
      "I am more aware of the consequences of my behavior and its effect on my immediate environment."

      William Bremmers
      Lean HR Services

      Photo Femke Verheijen
      "I go home every time with a curiosity for more."

      Femke Verheijen
      Director of Surface Treatment

      Photo Marloe Jolij

      "The awareness was already there on many fronts. Rob helps me to actually do something with it."

      Marloe Jolij
      CCO/Owner That Work-S

      Photo Patrick Roelands

      "I now decide much more from my own values and desires what I want and do. I am no longer guided by an image I want to conform to."

      Patrick Roelands
      Team Manager Evoke

      PHOTO 2023 06 19 09 59 58

      "I took ownership of my own doings."

      Marnix van Kruijsdijk
      Business Development Manager iSprout

      Nienke Jansen

      "Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone deserves a different approach."

      Nienke Jansen
      Strong Brand Directors

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