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Online Self-Coaching, How Does That Work?

In his 25-year business career, Paul Smilde coached thousands of people. He integrated ancient wisdom and the latest insights from modern science into a unique approach to business. Step by step, he discovered the essential steps to transform people’s leadership. Now he has put them in a natural flow that he has codified in the Paradise Shaper method. An incredibly powerful guide for leaders who want to play in a completely different league.

Do you want to ignite your leadership journey? Save yourself years of trial and error, frustration and only modest results? Paul has done the work for you. The Entry Circle offers you a golden opportunity to build a solid foundation. In three modules, he guides you through the entire transformation process. These modules follow exactly the structure of the book ‘It’s NOT about YOU‘ and offer a powerful opportunity to convert knowledge into an experience.

Each module is a complete 5-week program in itself, which of course you can follow at your own pace. Four times a year, Paul will invite you to a complementary online training. You’ll have the opportunity to ask him anything related to your transformation. The Entry Circle works like magic, if you set your intention and follow through. And so, you’ll learn to realize your business aspirations from your inner ‘cockpit of creation.’

What You’ll Get

  • 15 weekly introductory videos (of 7-10′ each)
  • 75 daily transformation podcasts (of 5-7′ each)
  • 15 weekly meditations (of  12-18′ each)
  • 15 weekly quizes to test your progress
  • 4 quarterly live on-line trainings (1.5 hours each)
  • e-book copy of  ‘It’s NOT about YOU

What You’ll Learn

  • Connect with Your ‘Yee-Power’
  • Remove Your Physical Blocks
  • Rejuvenate Your Body
  • Dance to the Rhythm of the Day
  • Tap into Your Wisdom
  • Unlock Your Quantum Mind
  • Create from Your Inner Cockpit
  • Listen Deeply
  • Unleash Your Team’s Motivation
  • Coach with Impact
  • Score PRoFiTs
  • …and a Whole Lot More!

Entry Circle

$49.99 / €39,99

Per month, excl. 21% VAT*

minimum term of 12 months, can be canceled monthly after 12 months

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Advanced Circle

Would you rather be personally guided by a Paradise Shaper coach? Accelerate your development to Wise New Leadership?

  • Gain personal insights
  • Advance your mastery
  • Score with your team

Elite Circle

Do you want to play at a different level? Work directly with Paul and his Senior Paradise Shaper coaches to transform your leadership?

  • Take a deep dive
  • Experience breakthrough
  • Play in the top league

Client Success Stories

What is it like to work with the Paradise Shaper method? Find out from our Elite Circle clients!


“It’s great to turn complexity into simplicity!”

Brigitte Thielen

Bas Strijbosch-2

“The past six months were super chill, both professionally and privately!”

Bas Strijbosch
1910 Restaurant


“Now I know how to play ‘the second half!'”

Rob Laarhoven
Techsharks B.V.

You Can Start Right Now…

Would you like to experience a positive dynamic in your team within one week? Experiment with the Paradise Shaper method for free! Download the Feedback Fountain—one of our proven powerful tools for leaders with guts!

    We’ll also provide you with free tips, tools and insights about Wise New Leadership!

    • Find out what’s really going on in your team
    • Get instant input to grow your leadership
    • Build trust for next-level performance