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Coaching for Impact

In today’s business environment, being results-oriented has become synonymous with leadership. But if we’re pushing for results, we’re really operating in the world of consequences. We’re focusing our efforts on changing what is almost set in stone. It’s the tragedy of problem solvers: the more you focus on problems, the more you attract them.

The Paradise Shaper method is based on a deep insight in our human design. Wise New Leaders understand how the creative process really works. And so, they shift their attention to the cockpit of creativity. And where do we find it? In our inner world! The outer world we experience is only a reflection of our inner mastery.

Ancient Wisdom

It’s the ancient wisdom traditions that developed the tools to master our inner world. Would you like to integrate them into your new leadership? Learn how the mind really works? Discover how to unleash your team’s motivation? Become a magnet for young talent? And create stellar results that last?

At Paradise Shaper Academy you can select the level of commitment you wish to make. Check out our transformational coaching packages to ignite your transformation!

Choose Your Coaching Package

Entry Circle

Would you like to initiate change with a limited investment? Introduce the Paradise Shaper method into your daily life and leadership?

  • Manage your energy
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Enhance your impact

Advanced Circle

Would you rather be personally guided by a Paradise Shaper coach? Accelerate your development to Wise New Leadership?

  • Gain personal insights
  • Advance your mastery
  • Score with your team

Elite Circle

Do you want to play at a different level? Work directly with Paul and his Senior Paradise Shaper coaches to transform your leadership?

  • Take a deep dive
  • Realize a breakthrough
  • Play in the top league

You Can Start Right Now…

Would you like to experience a positive dynamic in your team within one week? Experiment with the Paradise Shaper method for free! Download the Feedback Fountain—one of our proven powerful tools for leaders with guts!

    We’ll also provide you with free tips, tools and insights about Wise New Leadership!

    • Find out what’s really going on in your team
    • Get instant input to grow your leadership
    • Build trust for next-level performance