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About me

Meeting the person behind the mask, that’s what drives me deep down. I am fascinated by the versatility of people and how they perform optimally. As a young leader, when I was 32, I was suddenly struck down by a severe pneumonia. “When will you learn to listen to your body?” asked my father, who was still an internist at the time. It turned out to be the start of a great journey towards deepening and manifesting my leadership.

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In my 25-year business career, I have worked all over the world. As an entrepreneurial leader, I intuitively developed my own approach and substantiated it with scientific insights and ancient wisdom. Where colleagues led their people in a directive way, I worked on the basis of trust – but within frameworks! It turned out to be the formula for success. I led ever larger organizations and achieved rock-solid results. But for me even more important: my teams were super motivated and unrivaledly creative. And I? I felt a relaxed intensity and enjoyed my work to the fullest at peak performance.


  • Organization Systems Vidarte Academy
  • Using your Multiple Brains mBraining
  • Octagon Executive Leadership Wharton Business School
  • Post-Graduate Controller Maastricht University
  • Master’s Economics and Law Maastricht University
  • Business Administration University of Oregon / Nyenrode University


  • CEO & Founder Paradise Shaper Academy
  • Chairman Boost a School Foundation
  • SVP & Head of Commercial Supply Chain Philips Healthcare
  • CEO Southern Europe Philips Healthcare
  • CFO EMEA Region Philips Healthcare
  • Head of Company Valuation LG-Philips LCD