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Our Vision

We believe the role of organizations is to encourage people’s growth. Our modern world is changing rapidly. New generations no longer accept how organizations are run today. Trusted models have expired. It’s time to redefine leadership.

The time has come to address the perils of our time. What’s needed is nothing short of a global shift in consciousness. Wise New Leaders infuse their leadership with ancient wisdom. They do what was adumbrated by sages and mystics throughout history: to release the compulsive control of their ego and become a beacon of wisdom and energy. They know who they are, what they truly want, and how to activate their people to create value for society.

Wise New Leaders have a deep understanding of our human design. They channel their energy and guide their people to a state of flow. They co-create the structure that grants their employees freedom. They are excellent communicators who instill a thriving team spirit. And they coach their people to fully realize their potential.

These leaders are whom we call Paradise Shapers. We’re here to help you join their league.

Our Academy

The Paradise Shaper Academy is a rapidly growing network of coaches and senior coaches. They are all certified to base their work on the Paradise Shaper method. Our coaches and senior coaches have a unique insight into our human design.

They have years of experience in guiding leaders and their teams to new levels of self-awareness, collaboration and performance. They bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science and translate them into hands-on business acumen.

Paul Smilde

“Let me take you on an inner journey. I will show you how to manifest with guts, compassion and creativity…”

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Rob Laarhoven

“The important ingredients for leadership? A clear vision, job satisfaction as a condition and collaboration as a must…”

Dorine Smilde

“Find the inspiration in yourself, connect with your colleagues and realize your mission…”

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You Can Start Right Now…

Would you like to experience a positive dynamic in your team within one week? Experiment with the Paradise Shaper method for free! Download the Feedback Fountain—one of our proven powerful tools for leaders with guts!

    We’ll also provide you with free tips, tools and insights about Wise New Leadership!

    • Find out what’s really going on in your team
    • Get instant input to grow your leadership
    • Build trust for next-level performance